Domain Portfolio Manager

Domain Portfolio Manager is a feature rich application written in PHP and utilizing a MySQL database making it easy to manage and keep track of your domain names. For further reading please browse through our online documentation.

Check out our feature comparison:

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Domain Management
Manage Multiple Domains Yes Yes
Ajax Partial 1 No
Upload Multiple Domains Yes (csv, text) Yes (text)
IDNA Support Yes 2 No
Auto Fetch Creation Dates Yes No
Auto Updating Expiry Dates Yes No
Domain Categories Yes (multiple categories per domain) Yes (only 1 category associated with a domain)
Visitor Features
Full Domain Details Pages Yes Yes
Contact Methods Contact page for each domain and general contact page Contact page for selected domains
Facilitates Domain Sales No (coming soon 3) Yes
Sortable Domain Lists Sortable by Domain, Registrar and Expiry Sortable by Domain, Category, Registrar, Expiry, Price and Status
Search Facility Yes Yes
Category Views Yes Yes
Installation Yes Yes
Support Forum Yes Yes
Full Documentation Yes No
SEO Safe URL's Partial No
Template Based Design Yes Yes
Easy whois Server Update Yes 4 No
Databases engines supported mySQL mySQL
(standard and MySQLi)
Price Free Free

1 Enables easy management of your domains.
2 Domains must be added singularly.
3 Domain Sales facility will be added around the time version 1.x is released.
4 Whois servers can be updated by simply clicking on a link. Enables you to keep your domain updated with ease.