You appear to have stumbled across my portfolio page either directly or via a domain that I am yet to develop. Although the site you may be looking for is not yet ready why not take a look at what I have got up and running and see if anything takes your interest.


Alexa Bible

I have recently become very interested in Alexa skills. This siteis dedicated to tutorials helping others create skills and bringing you my take on what is happening in the world of Alexa.

Dundee Gigs

Dundee Gigs

Alexa skill that utilises the ent24 API and alows people to find out information about gigs on in Dundee.

Alexa Skills SDK for PHP

Alexa Skills SDK for PHP

While creating Alexa skills I noticed that there is no official SDK for PHP nor is there any prominant user created SDK. Therefore I have started to create my own. Datails of which can be found on the repository.



My own personal blog. This mainly focuses on programming and music.

Know your msp

Know Your MSP

A new site utilizing the open data provided by the Scottish government. Over time this will include information from other sources as well as compiling unique reports based on the data.